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Dear Madam, Sir,

With pleasure we offer you our new catalog fo 2011-2012. You will find a series of plants in our nursery were shared from seeds from an exchange program between the Botanical Gardens and Arboreta from around the world.

The plants were labeled as follows:
AC: from seeds harvested in botanical collections;
AW: from seeds of plants with known origin;
WC: from seeds collected in nature;
HP: seeds from controlled pollination;
C: grown in pot
N: new in our catalog
L: young plants
The other plants were vegetatively propagated.

We have a very wide range of plants, but it is impossible to stock them all.
Accordingly, we encourage you to order in advance.

Special conditions:

Prices are given in Euro and can be adapted according to the size of the available plants.
Invoices are payable within 30 days. To our foreign customers we ask for their bill by international postal order to pay in order to avoid excessive bank charges. Shipping and transportation costs are borne by the buyer.
We hope you will enjoy will enjoy this catalog. We also ask you to remember that our goal is not only the provision of such offer rare plants for lovers, but it is also intended to have that extra income on the Arboretum Waasland needs to survive or even to expand. It is therefore vital that sent abroad to pay when ordering plants plus 10% for packing. Transport costs can be estimated at 30% of the value of the plants and could reach 100% for some plants.
VAT on plants is 6% and 21% other costs
We remind you that we are a non-profit, to promote the knowledge of plants.

Open: by appointment only

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